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For nearly three decades, TMI has been developing, producing and marketing turf grass seeds for the United States, North America and more than 20 other countries around the world. Our varieties have topped the National Trials many times with elite Kentucky Bluegrass, Turf Type Tall Fescue, Fine Fescues, and fine textured Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass leading the way. Through our distributor partners, we have developed a wholesale seed distribution system that is one of the most efficient in operation today. Golf courses, sod growers for sod production and landscapers the world over have found TMI's cool season grasses, warm season grasses, golf grass, and specialty grasses to be state of the art when it comes to color, texture, disease resistance and overall performance. Our impressive collections of germplasm are advanced continuously at prestigious public and private breeding programs through open pollination and without the use of biotechnology to insure that the latest turf grass technology is incorporated into each and every new variety. Wear tolerance, disease resistance, drought tolerance and reduced maintenance are all key drivers of our research and development program.

Our extensive network of carefully chosen seed growers produces seeds of the highest quality in the world, with high germination rates and purities that exceed official standards. Our certification, testing and quality controls continue to raise the benchmark for the entire Industry.

In addition to our complete lines of both cool season grasses and warm season grasses, we also offer regional mixtures of our own "wild things" wildflower seeds.

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Turf Merchants, Inc. Varieties:

Saltinas Bedazzled Bewitched Blackberry Blueberry Bonaire Boutique Brooklawn Fire and Ice True Blue Aquarius 4 Evening Shade Laredo Manhatten 5 Paragon Patriot 4 Stardust NACL Protege VIP 3 Salton Sea Aztec II Bonzai 3000 Aquaduct Millenium 2nd Millenium 3rd Millenium SRP Rhambler SRP Traverse SRP Turf Gem II Benchmark DSR Bent Celestial Cypress Firefly Fortitude DSR Froghair Intrigue Chewings Fescue Oceania Prosaline Salt Star Dust Wild Things Contessa Bermuda Cypress NACL Transcontinental Zen Brand Zoysiagrasses Waterworks Artesia Pangea Pizzazz 2