Oregon Grass Seed Production Remains Steady

17 Feb 2017

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

Turf Merchants has received the Oregon Grass Seed commissions’ first six month assessment reports for FY 2016-17. The reports track movements from grower to dealer on our most major cool season crops – Perennial and Annual Ryegrasses, and turf and forage Tall Fescues amongst others.

In looking for a story behind the numbers, it has to be that most numbers are the same within 5% up or down for the last five years. That is to say, we have moved nearly the same amount of seed in the first six months each year of these crops for the last five years!

This raises questions about the impact of production outside of the Pacific Northwest. If there has been any growth in our markets, was it absorbed by the consumer products packagers who are virtually coating everything?

Still, the movement of 275 million pounds of Ryegrasses and 107 million pounds of Tall Fescue in only six months is pretty astounding all by itself!