Oregon Senate Hearings Could Lead To Chaos

14 Apr 2017

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

When they are not working day and night to find new and creative ways to increase our taxes, the Oregon State Senate, through the Senate Environment & Natural Resources Committee, decided to hold a public hearing this week with very little notice. The purpose was to work on yet another bill that would ban the production of Genetically Engineered (GE) products and return local control to cities and counties. This has mobilized the seed industry to take prompt and decisive action.

With every legislative session lately there are attempts to preempt statewide regulations. Can you imagine if each of the 36 counties in Oregon comes up with their own ideas of what constitutes GE products? The ban of GE products, while not the direction we wish to go, is secondary to the issue of retaining statewide control. The Oregon Seed Association is against any attempt to create a patchwork regulatory system. We are also against the legislature creating a definition of GE or making policy on what farmers can and cannot produce and where.