Reading Product Labels Is Critical

05 May 2017

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

One of the most remarkable products ever invented for growers, golf course superintendents, landscapers, sod growers and homeowners was “Roundup,” a name now synonymous with its active ingredient, glyphosate.

As the product matured and became generic, it has found added life in multiple products because it kills anything green it lands on. There are at least 40 products labeled for use with different concentrations with glyphosate and different amounts of water some with added chemicals, but with only one purpose.

This spring, a new Product was introduced called “Roundup for Lawns” (R4L). This product does not contain any glyphosate, but only MCPA’s which selective weed herbicides are. So now, you can have a container of “Round up” and “Roundup4L” in your garage or garden shed. Given our experience with consumers and how they read grass seed labels, we are certain this is going create mass confusion in the marketplace with people thinking they are only killing their weeds, and they will be killing their whole lawns (Especially true for someone like me who may not have his “readers” when he’s in the garden shed). Imagine a landscaper who wants to spray out his ditch and ends up only killing the weeds, not the grasses.

It has never been more important to read and understand the labels of products that you are buying, grass seed included!