Grass Seed Harvest Is In Full Swing

30 Jun 2017

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

Harvest 2017 is in full swing with combines and wind rowers running 24/7. (They actually cut at night to reduce shattering.) Weather conditions have been perfect to date, and it appears we have settled in for normal summer conditions in the foreseeable future.

The Midwestern crop of Kentucky 31 is in the bag, and was very small. Estimated at only 20 million pounds, this crop will be used quickly in consumer products and make the Oregon crop more valuable because of it. With 93,000 Oregon acres available for harvest, this crop will be smaller than the harvested acres from 2016 of 101,000. The yields appear at his point to be average, though only a small portion of the Tall Fescue crop has been harvested.

As with the perennial and annual crops, the Tall Fescue crops will be troublesome to machine to acceptable grades, and we recommend you should grab any sod quality lots when they become available as they will be hard to come by as the fall shipping season progresses.