Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Market Shows Stabilization

07 Jul 2017

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

With only a handful of major players remaining, the attitude towards the Fall of 2017 Kentucky bluegrass market appears to be “steady as she goes.” The crop is just now beginning to be harvested in parts of Eastern Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho and expectations are for a typically normal crop if there is such a thing.

Excellent re-growth in the Fall and plenty of moisture in the Spring without any rust problems have raised expectations for 2017 crop prospects, with very low carry over reported in the hands of dealers. The real mystery is total number of acres because it is so hard to estimate, but with few new plantings last fall, we expect prices to remain at current levels for the remainder of this crop year.

Even with reduced wheat prices and pressure from competitive crops, growers are not likely to jump back into production. It appears that major fluctuations in bluegrass acreage are a thing of the past.