Turf Merchants Has Grass Seed Available Now!

05 Aug 2017

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

As we get into the heart of summer, it’s harvest time for grass seed. This time of year is also when seed purchases are planned, and we have news important for your customers.

Turf Merchants has several seeds available now – including three Kentucky Bluegrasses!
Ready for shipment is:
Kentucky Bluegrass:
Fine Fescue:
Perennial Ryegrass:
Manhattan 5
Evening Shade
Patriot 4

Turf Type Tall Fescue will be available during the second week of August, including the NTEP top-rated Traverse 2! Among the Kentucky Bluegrasses that will be also be available during the second week of August are Brooklawn and Bonaire.

And the Perennial Ryegrasses Pangea GLR, Paragon GLR and Manhattan 6 will become available at the first of September.

With seed ready to ship, and others close behind, you can fulfill customers’ needs for top-quality turfgrass seed. Give us a call at TMI…we are prepared to help you.