Once Dominant In Overseeding, Poa Triv Is Seeing A Decline

13 Oct 2017

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

Poa Trivialis is one of the most profitable weeds ever invented. It used to be a major component of overseeding programs in the South, and was once a 4-5 million pound annual crop when Sabre and Laser ruled the greens. It is also the most shade tolerant of all cool season grasses and is used in many shade mixtures in the North.

As mini-dwarf Bermuda came along, the use of Poa Triv decreased dramatically for overseeding greens and useage is off 60% from just 10 years ago. Add the fact that only a handful of growers will produce it anymore, and throw in a poor crop in Eastern Oregon where it is all grown, and you have a recipe for disaster.

That being said, Turf Merchants is sold out of Poa Triv, and it appears the entire industry is too! The remaining Poa Triv in the Willamette Valley is currently being coated to make it go just a little bit farther.