The Perfect Compact Midnight Type Bluegrass Variety

Scoring a perfect “9” in NTEP ratings for its dark green color, Blueberry is the absolute first choice as a mono-stand turfgrass – and is the ultimate seed for blends to achieve genetic diversity.

This Compact Midnight Type Kentucky Bluegrass has proven drought tolerance, disease resistance and is tops in Spring green-up!

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NTEP trials confirm that Blueberry is a superior Compact Midnight Type Kentucky Bluegrass for quality, density, color and green-up. For these reasons, it is a trusted choice for blending with other Midnight Types, ensuring an increase in overall turf performance.


Genetic Diversity:

The purpose of blending is to broaden genetic diversity. As a “compact” Kentucky Bluegrass with dark green color, Blueberry is an excellent blending choice that will enhance diversity without sacrificing color or quality.

Dark Green Color:

Blueberry naturally yields a darker green color than most Kentucky Bluegrasses. This means lower fertilizer inputs for color response! This not only saves costs, but is environmentally responsible.

Key Benefits:

  • Turfgrass Quality
  • Genetic Color
  • Traffic Wear Tolerance
  • Fusarium, Stripe Rust and Stem Rust Resistance

Blueberry is a grass seed ideal for sports fields, parks and recreation, and landscaping applications, as well as sod production.

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