Improve Greens Transition With Fall Overseeding

University tested for years at such prestigious turf trials as the University of Florida, the University of Arizona and Mississippi State University, Cypress 2 keep coming up on top in establishment, color, putting speed and quality.

When mixed with creeping bentgrass or perennial ryegrass, exceptional greens and fairways are the result. What more could you ask for?

For excellent transitional qualities, specify TMI Cypress 2 Poa Trivialis.

Cypress 2 is the culmination of years of research to produce the most advanced Poa triv available to courses for overseeding winter greens. The process of developing Cypress was started by making selections of the darkest Poa triv plants from throughout western Europe. After years of pains-taking hand selecting the Poa triv progeny that exhibited the best characteristics for density, color, establishment rate, and disease resistance, Cypress was born.

TMI was interested in developing a superior Poa triv to give superintendents an alternative to overseeding their greens with perennial ryegrass. One of the greatest advantages of overseeding greens in the fall with Poa triv is easy transition. Unlike perennial ryegrass, it is not necessary to stop play while allowing Cypress 2 to establish. Cypress 2 germinated quickly, in 7 to 9 days, and can be mowed at normal putting green height at any time after overseeding. By overseeding the greens with Cypress 2 you will create a fine, dark green putting surface as the bermudagrass is becoming dormant without having to restrict play.

In the winter, Cypress 2 will yield unparalleled dark green color. In Spring, Cypress 2 will die out quickly as warmer temperatures return allowing for an easy transition back into Bermudagrass greens.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior greens transitioning
  • Dark green color
  • Outstanding establishment

Cypress 2 is an ideal choice for golf course greens winter overseeding, particularly in the Southwest.

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