Superior Quality, Low Maintenance Hard Fescue

Firefly is an advanced generation of Hard Fescue germplasm. It is a dark green, leafy, persistent hard fescue with excellent cold and drought tolerance. As with most fine fescues, it is an excellent candidate for low maintenance turf where less fertilizer, mowing frequency and irrigation can be an issue. Firefly even rated tops for its “un-mowed” appearance as an ornamental grass!

Firefly is well suited for mixing with perennial ryegrasses and bluegrasses at it’s recommended rate of 20-40% of the mix.

While Firefly was at the top of it’s class for summer and spring green-up, it also makes an excellent shade grass which is resistant to red thread, dollar spot and leaf spot. Its winter color is unsurpassed!

NTEP trials demonstrated the exceptional quality of Firefly:

Genetic Color Ratings Hard & Sheep Fescue Cultivars


Turfgrass Quality Ratings Hard & Sheep Fescue Cultivars


Key Benefits:

  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Low Input Requirements
  • Turfgrass Quality
  • Disease-Resistance

Firefly is a Blue Tag turfgrass well suited for seed mixes intended for low maintenance landscaping, including golf courses and parks.

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