The Affordable Alternative To Perennial Ryegrass

Froghair is an intermediate ryegrass designed for the overseeding market in the Southern regions of the USA. It is especially useful in overseeding into St. Augustinegrass, Bahiagrass, Zoysiagrass, and the higher cuts of Bermudagrass. Froghair replaces the use of annual ryegrass with improved color and texture. Froghair also exhibits a somewhat reduced growth rate, and reduced persistence to ease spring transitions in overseeding situations.

Call us and take advantage of this cost-efficient alternative to perennial ryegrass.

Intermediate Ryegrasses are genetic crosses using annual ryegrasses and perennial ryegrasses in the parentage. The breeding goal was to develop a type of high fluorescence ryegrass which is less costly to produce and well suited for overseeding situations on southern turf where the ultimate in quality is not the top priority, but where an improved performance over annual ryegrass is desired.

In a University trial, Froghair achieved a superior rating of “8.0” for Mean Turfgrass Seedling Vigor of overseeded entries at nine days after planting!

Benefits of Froghair Include:

  • Aggressive in its establishment
  • Upright in its growth
  • Medium textured when mature
  • Considerably darker in color than annual ryegrass
  • Does well anywhere annual ryegrass does well
  • Costs less than perennial ryegrass
  • Can be used in blends with perennial ryegrasses, fescues, and poa trivialis to take advantage of the respective and cumulative strengths of the individual species
  • Does well in club house areas, road medians, entrances and large landscape areas

Froghair is an Intermediate Ryegrass ideal for overseeding in golf, landscaping and roadway applications.

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