Superior Drought Tolerance with Low Maintenance

Heathland EWS Chewings Fescue is the latest generation of Fineleaf Fescues, achieving new performance heights in quality, low maintenance requirements and drought-tolerance.

For landscaping and golf course applications in which fertilization and irrigation are limited, Heathland EWS (enhanced weed suppression) is proving to be a superior choice, particularly in light of its TWCA qualification, as well as disease resistance.

Call your TMI representative about this hardy Fineleaf Fescue and how it earns a place in your mix.

Heathland EWS has the characteristics of Chewings Fescue, with fine leaf texture, high shade and drought tolerance as well as allelopathic qualities that resist weed overgrowth. It also requires less frequent mowing than ryegrass, tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass, and performs well in low fertility areas such as golf course roughs.

Drought tolerance is a key benefit of Heathland EWS, qualifying under TWCA trials, and recognized as a TMI “AquaWise” turfgrass.

The qualification of Heathland EWS by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) represents a big benefit of this turfgrass. The protocols for TWCA certification are highly demanding, requiring that water-starved grass maintain green covering through a series of drought simulations.

CTBT trials also showed Heathland EWS to exhibit excellent genetic color and turf quality, ranking in the top 3 of Chewings Fescue entries.

Additionally, Heathland EWS demonstrated strong Summer Patch resistance!

Key Benefits:

  • Drought Tolerance
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Low Input Requirements
  • Turfgrass Quality
  • Disease-Resistance
  • Enhanced Weed Suppression

Heathland is a TWCA qualified turfgrass, well suited for seed mixes intended for landscaping, and golf courses.

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