Hardy, Drought-Tolerant Cool Season Grass

Nanook Hard Fescue is an extremely hardy turfgrass, exhibiting greater shade tolerance and disease resistance than other species of Fescue.

Nanook is unique among Hard Fescues as one of only five cultivars that are TWCA qualified, affirming its remarkable drought tolerance.

For more information about Nanook, and how it can fill a role in your inventory, please contact your TMI representative.

Nanook Hard Fescue is extremely shade tolerant and requires little maintenance, including mowing frequency and fertilization inputs, making it ideal for situations – and growing environments – where upkeep is at a minimum.

This turfgrass also exhibits high quality, as demonstrated in a recent CTBT trial, in which Nanook was a top performer.


twca-logoThe certification of Nanook by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) represents a big benefit of this turfgrass. The protocols for TWCA certification are highly demanding, requiring that water-starved grass maintain green covering through a series of drought simulations.

Key Benefits:

  • Drought Tolerance
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Low Input Requirements
  • Turfgrass Quality
  • Disease-Resistance

Nanook is well suited for seed mixes intended for roadway medians, sloped landscaping, and underutilized areas of golf courses and parks.

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