Attractive, Dense & Durable Ryegrass

Nomad 4 Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass from Turf Merchants is a creeping perennial ryegrass that forms a very attractive, dense, and durable turfgrass stand.

The prostrate growth habit of this variety increases its wear tolerance over traditional perennial ryegrass due to its decumbent growth habit and increased density.

Call TMI about this fine-leaf, medium dark green seed that is an excellent choice for overseeding permanent turf or dormant Bermudagrass turfs in the southern U.S.

Key Benefits

  • High Shear/Divot Resistance
  • Prostrate Growth Habit
  • Adaptable To Varied Mowing Heights
  • Medium Dark Green Color

Quick to germinate, Nomad 4 is superior choice for sports turf blends or golf course mixtures and other applications subject to high traffic.

Nomad 4 adds resilience and color in overseeding, providing a live playing surface during the winter months, and ensures a smoother transition period into spring.

Seeding rate is the same as typical ryegrasses in the 5-8 pound/1000 sq. feet range.

For best results, mowing height is 1.5 inches, though Nomad 4 may be mowed as low as .50 inches in cooler climates.


Nomad 4 is a Perennial Ryegrass seed ideal for sports turf blends or golf course mixtures or wherever high traffic dictates a more resilient turf.

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