Shade-Tolerant, Disease-Resistant Tall Fescue

TRAVERSE SRP is compact, dense, has a dark green color and is fine-leafed, making it a go-to Turf Type Tall Fescue choice for landscapers and sod producers.

This Tall Fescue spreading rhizomes strengthen sod, help establish new turf, repair damaged areas, and helps in the establishment of sod and general turf applications.

TRAVERSE SRP has improved Brown Patch resistance, and is especially helpful where heat and humidity pressure take its toll on older tall fescues.

TRAVERSE SRP has been submitted for several NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) trials, and has repeatedly proven among the very best of Tall Fescues.

The results of these trials* have shown TRAVERSE SRP to demonstrate:

  • Superior quality grown under traffic stress
  • High quality grown under shade
  • Outstanding quality grown in warm temperatures through a five-year period
  • Exceptional resistance to Brown Patch
  • Solid growth quality grown under saline irrigation
  • Ability to thrive and perform in diverse conditions, grown in 9 different geographical locations

Both landscapers, sod producers have responded positively to this remarkable Tall Fescue for its reliable performance during the past 10 years.

Call us about how Traverse can help you meet and exceed your customers’ needs!

Key Benefits:

  • High Traffic Wear Resistance
  • Self-Repair from Wear and Divots
  • Drought-Tolerant / Water Savings
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Disease Resistance

Traverse SRP is a Blue Tag certified grass seed ideal for sod production and landscaping in both sun and shade conditions.

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