Turfgrass Seed Prices Are Seeing Volatility

15 Sep 2017

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

There is no greater a reminder of the seasonality of this business than in the month of September, when there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Getting seed ready and on the road is a major challenge, and though the impending rain in the forecast should extinguish the remaining wildfires, I-84, which is the main west to east artery into or out of the Pacific Northwest, remains closed!

It is still hard to tell whether the volatility in seed prices is caused by increased demand or lack of an availability for both seed and trucks, but Tall Fescue and Annual Ryegrass are standing at new highs. This will certainly throw us into unchartered territory come winter. This leaves only Perennial Ryegrass as the last major turfgrass component that is under $1.00, and as the old saying goes, a 2-year supply can disappear overnight.