Different varieties to address particular applications.

Turf Merchants recognized long ago that the Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass market is very diverse and requires particular varieties with features to address different applications.

Very dark, fine-textured varieties with heat tolerance and strong resistance to Gray Leaf Spot with proven performance in NTEP trials were required for the professional markets, of which golf is the largest part. And fine textured, dark varieties with poor heat tolerance were desirable for dormant Bermuda overseeding.

Two of our Turf Type Perennial Ryegrasses are TWCA qualified – Manhattan 5 GLR and Rainwater – making them part of our Aqua Wise® program.

TMI offers a wide variety of Perennial Ryegrasses to appeal to all ends of the spectrum with heat, drought and salt tolerance at one end, to varieties that transition easily at the other end. Manhattan 5 GLR, Manhattan 6 GLR, Pangea GLR, Paragon GLR, Patriot 4 and our newest product – Nomad 4 – are but of few of the successful varieties produced by TMI for your customers.

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