Disease-Resistant, Self-Repairing Tall Fescue

4th Millennium SRP is the latest generation of the Millennium varieties from Turf Merchants, with rhizomes that enhance self-repair, speeding establishment, improving traffic tolerance and increasing recovery from damage.

Not only is 4th Millennium SRP shade tolerant and drought tolerant, but it also resists Brown Patch!

With its dark color and fine leaf texture, 4th Millennium SRP mixes well with 5 to 10 percent Kentucky bluegrass.

4th Millennium SRP was rated highest in an NTEP trial for turfgrass quality among Tall Fescues in two separate trials: “LPI Group 1” and “Transition Region.”

Mean Quality Ratings – Grown At Seven Locations


In extended NTEP trials rating “Percent Turfgrass Fullness of Canopy of Tall Fescue Cultivars,” 4th Millennium SRP performed exceptionally well – including the “No Traffic” and “Traffic” ratings.

4th Millennium SRP has demonstrated an extended adaption range and superior quality in a variety of exacting growing conditions, making it a leading choice for parks and athletic fields, home lawns and sod production. Contact your TMI representative for more information!

Key Benefits:

  • Self-Repair from Wear and Divots
  • Performance In Shade
  • Drought-Tolerant / Water Savings
  • Traffic Wear Resistance
  • Brown Patch Resistance

4th Millennium SRP™ is a Blue Tag certified grass seed ideal for sod production, home lawns, parks and athletic fields.

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