Top Performance In Both Sun and Shade

Aztec II Turf Type Tall Fescue is a consistent top performing turfgrass in both shade and full sun conditions, making it a superior choice for sod farms and landscaping.

Anywhere that Tall Fescues are grown, Aztec II has proven to be a preferred seed, able to quickly establish a dense, dark green and drought-tolerant turf.

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Aztec II has exhibited excellent performance through years of NTEP and university trials – and more importantly – in the real-world use by growers and landscapers. Among its key attributes is the ability to outperform other Tall Fescues under low Nitrogen fertilization!


Maintenance Adaptability:

Aztec II has demonstrated superior performance at a variety of mowing heights – from 0.6” to 2.6+” – making it highly adaptable to the maintenance needs of property managers and owners.

Drought Tolerance:

Tall Fescues are known to be a drought-tolerant cultivar, but Aztec II sets itself apart from the pack with outstanding performance in low-water conditions combined with strong density and a very fine leaf texture.

Key Benefits:

  • Density
  • Establishment
  • Shade Tolerance

Call your TMI representative and discover why Aztec II has been a preferred choice for nearly two decades!


Aztec II is a shade-tolerant and drought-tolerant grass seed ideal for sod production and landscaping.

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