Transition To High-Performing Turfgrass

Patriot 4 is the answer to the dormancy of Bermuda grass coming into and through the transition period.

Overseeding with this premium turf type perennial ryegrass ensures stronger and greener conditions prior to transition and well into the peak of Spring.

Featuring a dark green color and a fine-leafed texture, Patriot 4 is a fast-establishing solution to preparing a golf course or sports field for early-season activity.

Throughout much of the U.S. Southwest, particularly in the low elevation arid regions, Bermuda grass is subject to high levels of dormancy.

Overseeding in late summer and early fall with cool-season grasses plays an important role in providing a live playing surface during the winter months, and ensures a smoother transition period into spring.

Patriot 4 was among 40 grasses tested by the University of Arizona, ranking in the top for spring performance and quality prior to and including transition.

Call us and learn more about how an overseed program with Turf Merchants’ Patriot 4 can help your customers stay green when it counts!


Patriot 4 is a grass seed ideal for winter overseeding of golf course and sports field applications.

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