Signs Point To Strong Bluegrass Crops

20 Jan 2017

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

Kentucky Bluegrass is the most temperamental crop that we grow. Vernalization is extremely important, more essential than any other cool season species, as evidenced by the open winter in 2015 which led to a very poor crop.

Most of the production acreage lies in Eastern Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho, which usually gets below freezing temperatures in the winter. To date, fall and winter has been relatively normal, our only enemy now is late frost or early heat.

For this spring of 2017, we have good supplies of some of our most popular elite Bluegrasses, namely Bewitched, Bedazzled and Blueberry. As you know, Bedazzled is TWCA qualified, and we are sure to sell out pre-2017 crop. These varieties are available in sod quality also, and we encourage you to reserve your needs early, as the next crop won’t be ready until August of 2017.

By all accounts, we can expect lively spring sod Bluegrass activity, weather permitting.