Annual Ryegrass Taking A Foothold In Overseed Markets

06 Oct 2017

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

It’s been a long time coming, but the new generation of Turf Type Annual Ryegrass is good enough that they’re beginning to take a foothold in the overseeding markets and beyond. Originally conceived as a price point between Perennial and Annual Ryegrasses, they have suddenly jumped into prominence now that Annual Ryegrass itself has reached all-time highs for price.

Varieties like our own Gamechanger are genetically shorter and darker than Annual Ryegrass. These new selections transition well, germinate quickly and show greatly improved density. The reduced vertical growth rates make them more favorable for landscaping and hydro-seeding mixtures than common annual. Seed counts are close to 200,000 grass seeds per pound compared to Perennial Ryegrass which is normally between 250-300,000 seeds per lb.

These new selections are becoming popular for overseeding Bermudagrass in the Southern US, both individually and mixed with Perennial Ryegrass. Gamechanger and Palmetto are still available!