Affordable High Quality Kentucky Bluegrass

One of the top goals in Kentucky Bluegrass breeding has been to get a top performing variety that yielded enough seed to make it economical for the turfgrass user. Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass is the solution.

With exceptional color, strong Spring green-up, and tolerance to both shade and disease, Brooklawn is the best combination of quality and affordability.

Let us show you why Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass may be the best new addition to your inventory.

The development of Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass was centered on providing the highest quality turfgrass at a cost that made it affordable to the widest possible audience. NTEP trials demonstrate that the quality is there, and we’ve ensured that few grasses can match its value.

Disease Resistance:

Brooklawn doesn’t get powdery mildew or crown rust, making it an excellent choice for blending with other Midnight Type Bluegrasses. NTEP trials showed exceptional resistance to both Typhula Blight and Necrotic Ring Spot.

Quick Establishment:

Sod producers will appreciate the aggressive rhizomes in Brooklawn, ensuring fast establishment.

High Turf Quality:

Affordability means little in turfgrass without maintaining turf quality. Brooklawn has proven quality, demonstrated with a shade tolerance quality rating in the Top 5 of all Kentucky Bluegrasses submitted, and a genetic color rating of 5.9.

Midnight Type – Ideal For Blending:

With strong Spring and Winter density, Brooklawn works very well in blends with other Midnight Types. The aggressive rhizomes make it ideally suited for sod production blends.


Brooklawn is a Blue Tag certified grass seed ideal for sports field, parks and recreation, and landscaping applications, as well as sod production.

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